How to increase employability of digital marketers...

How to increase employability of digital marketers?

In the last 5 years, Digital Marketing industry has vigorously boosted giants like Amazon and Salesforce expanding the reach of the function. Hence we have a demand of over 1.5 lakhs digital marketing positions in 2018. Undoubtedly the field has excited many aspirants, but the skill gap between industry expectations and knowledge of the applicants is increasing as digital marketing is a rapidly upgrading industry. Top digital marketing organizations focus on employee engagement and skill development to ensure performance and results with a great working atmosphere. Today even the best performing digital marketers less bother about perks or salaries etc., but they are much more focused on their overall growth, talent development and challenging opportunities in their organization. Digital Marketing has a massive scope in terms of creativity, innovation and skillsets ensuring productivity of employees and consequent growth in terms of revenue and branding.

In this rapid fast competitive world, as a digital marketer, you can use these tips to assure substantial career growth, productivity and a unique point to present that will ensure your better employability.

· Implement the ‘T-Shaped Digital Marketing Framework

We are often advised to either acquire a wide range of knowledge or choose a core specialization. Both the routes hamper a digital marketer’s performance in the longer run. Knowing little of too many things or knowing enough about too less, both will not lead you to contentment in your career.

Hence, a ‘T-shaped digital marketing framework’ must be implemented for overall growth and talent development excel as a marketer. It instructs you to imbibe a wide breadth of basic knowledge across many overlapping disciplines and simultaneously work on deep knowledge, experience, and ability in one or a few fields. The latest framework revised for 2018 suggests a width of knowledge in Front-end code, Service Design, Wireframing, Behavioural Psychology, Branding/Storytelling, Stakeholder Management, Web Analytics, CRO, Experiment design, Funnel Marketing, Automation/API’s, AI and Machine Learning along all Digital Marketing modules. You can choose your area of specialization according to interest and skills.

· Think like an Entrepreneur, aim to be a Thought Leader

Joel Chemov says “Good Marketing makes the company look smart. Great Marketing makes the customer feel smart.” If you are thinking like an entrepreneur and not an employee, you naturally boost the reach of your organization, achieve better ROI and build better client relations. An entrepreneur or a thought leader is a keen learner, is self-motivated and builds relations across his journey. You have to constantly upgrade your skills. If you are blogging about your work experience having unique takeaways from your work profile you are more employable.

· Consider these points during your Performance Appraisal

Performance Appraisal is an actual employability test for any professionals. Organizations keep a very close eye on your performance as well as your behaviour even outside the office at times. Most of the times your netiquettes are observed and also how you gel up with your team outside office. They keenly keep an eye on how you handle your personal and professional life. Major key aspects checked during performance analysing are:

  • Leadership Skills
  • Productivity
  • Academic discipline & strengths
  • Balance between work and personal life
  • Self-Motivation
  • Employee skill development
  • Performance management


·  Work your productivity and professionalism

Indeed, your work hours are tracked but you should never forget how much productive those hours are. Your performance is the ultimate factor that will make you more employable. Obviously, you are not an expert initially, although your improvement is continuously tracked. Whatever it takes to improve your skills in an organization, be it learning from your colleagues or other departments of work, go ahead and grasp it. Always make sure you follow time limits. Keep a good relationship with people in your office. Stay enthusiastic and hungry to grow. Come up with new ideas, discuss innovative changes you can make in your organization.

· Stay Updated and Hungry

You might think SEO is always about good backlinks and Social Media management is always been about good engagement. Yes, you are right, but what is always changing is the efficient ways to achieve the same according to the fast changing technology and trends. A digital Marketer is mainly a youth role because it is extremely important to stay updated with the latest trends and technology. It is essential for a digital marketer to excel at socializing and understanding the client needs and interests. It is recommended to learn any new skill that can help your role be more independent and improve your communication skills to be more employable and also boost your own profile. You have to stay proactively hungry and curious as a digital marketer and lean back to see how well this industry will flourish with you.

· Work on your Project Management Skills.

It is a great aspect in a digital marketing employee to bring Project Management Skills in action. Trustworthiness and productivity are well taken care of if you can implement project management skills like agile or scrum. Managing multiple projects with a plan and setting a realistic timeline for its execution is a major challenge. A good Project Manager ensures substantial results and takes failures sportingly. You should be a powerhouse of your team that plans, executes and motivates.

· Game up your Client Communication

Since, Digital Marketing is majorly about reaching and targeting people for business, the key to efficiency in it is gaming up your client communication. Improving customer experience has a direct impact on remarketing your service and branding. As a Digital Marketer you have to proactively reach out to your clients and approach a better relation with them. Your communication and linguistic skills should be polished according to your clients demands and a constant follow up with them is a great habit to inculcate. This will not just improve your employability but also help you establish yourself as a strong profile in connections you build for lifelong.


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