10 tips to have a love affair with an AdWords camp...

10 tips to have a love affair with an AdWords campaign

A lot of marketers fret over their AdWords campaign, complaining it is not giving them enough. Well, a relationship is always a two-way one. The biggest mistake we make is to treat the campaign like it can fend for itself once started. Here’s how to fall in love with your AdWords campaign.

1. Get to know each other : That is the most important part of any relationship, right? So, let AdWords know about you – what are your goals? Is it getting more views, reach or sales? (Campaign objectives)How much are you willing to spend? (Budget) Is it a fling or a long term affair that you are looking at (flighted campaign or always on), past relationships (learnings from past campaigns), etc.? Ask AW about her as well.. what does she suggest (Suggested bid according to reach and budget), about her friends (industry benchmarks), and so on.

2. Have a steady start to the relationship : A good start ensures that things are smoother later. Make sure that your settings are apt right from the start. Choose your language, geography and search/display campaign carefully, as some of these cannot be changed later.

3. Leave no loose ends : A small slip can make your partner not trust you anymore. Hence, arrange your ad groups carefully. Ensure that the keywords are tightly themed and the correct match types are used. Using a broad match where an exact match should be used can be a disaster. It can make you blow away your money for a bad ROI.

4. Variety adds to the spice! You don’t want the relationship to get boring and monotonous, do you? So keep revising the ad copies every month based on what works for you and also have at least 3 ad variations running for each ad group at any given point of time.

5. Keep the negative sentiments away : Warding off negative thoughts and people protects your relationship. So, check your search query report every week and club it with the negative keyword suggestions to add negative keywords every week to make sure that you are not bidding on keywords that lead to little or no value. At Google, I had a client based out of the US that sold blinds and curtains for windows. They were bidding on the keyword “windows” in broad match with no negatives. Result : They were showing up on keywords like “Microsoft windows” and “windows software”, having a bad impact on the quality score and of course unnecessary spends. Hence, really important to keep a close watch for negative keywords to be added.

6. Splurge on your dates in limits, or you will go bankrupt! : Dates can be expensive affairs, and you can go overboard if you are not careful! If you have a strict goal, you can opt for the target CPA option, which will ensure that you bid only when you are assured of getting the required results.

7. Small gestures make big differences : It is the little things that you do that matter the most in a relationship. Hence, do not ignore the tiniest of details in your campaign – whether RLSA is being utilised for the best performing campaigns, whether all ad sizes are being used for banner ads or not, do you have ugly text ads coming up as banner ads, are you making use of bid modifiers; lots of such minor details can make a huge impact on your ROI.

8. Just because something sounds cool, doesn’t mean you have to do it : Lots of times, we learn of new features or campaign types and just want to try them out whether they fit in with our goals or not. Lots of cool sounding campaign types or settings are only for specific purposes, and some, you should totally avoid! Like DSA campaigns make sense more when you have a dynamic inventory on the website, or you are a news or a blog and cannot predict the ever changing search terms that can lead to your website. Also, automated bidding can be really dangerous and make you lose huge amounts of money with less returns. It works well mostly in cases like mobile app advertising.

9. Adapting to situations is the biggest test of a relationship : How well your relationship can survive different situations tells you how strong it is. How well does the campaign perform on desktop? And how does it adapt itself to mobile and tablet? It is most recommended to have a mobile optimised website, but in case you don’t, you should
make sure that you have a mobile specific ad in each ad group. Do pay attention to your mobile bids as well. The standard is to have +30%, but you might want to bid more if you are getting better results from mobile. Download a campaign report segmented by device each month to monitor the performance.

10. Do not ignore your partner : This is the most critical part in any relationship. An Adwords campaign needs attention, in fact, loads of it. And if you give it the attention it requires, it can give you tremendous results. I was able to get an ROI of more than 100% for a bus booking website, where the margins are thin and the standard ROI is 50%! It is all about managing the campaign well! So, marketers, do not give up too easily on your AdWords campaign. Look at some aspects that you might have been missing, and you will definitely find a way out. In my entire stint at Google, not for once did I come across an AdWords account that had no hopes of performing well. Go on, show some love to your campaign!


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